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Re-Nigeria As a Religion!

Fellow patriots,
As the battles continue in the South South and the North of Nigeria, i become more and more convinced the our only solution is to fight collectively against Corruption and Poverty(a Common Enemy), the same way we fight passionately for Religion, Region, Race and Tribe. Please read again this write up written earlier in the year.

Patriots and fellow citizens,
I bring to you good tidings in the new year of 2009. A lot happened in 2008 as in the years past for our country, some were good and a lot were bad. I have always believed that there can be no meaningful development if one dwells on the past and disputes or problems that cannot be resolved for too long. I have always believed that problems and disputes should be a stepping stone for progress into the future. That is why today i choose to write to you highlighting what we need to do as individuals and as a group to bring positive change to Nigeria and Nigerians.
I have crisscrossed the length and breadth of this country over the past 5 years and nothing is commoner to all of us than the bondage of the marginalization of more than 95% of our population and the suppression caused by poverty/corruption.
Nigerians are a very religious people, and perhaps the only thing that has kept the people of this country going against all odds is that singular fact. Also at various fora of discussion on the way forward there is an almost unanimous acceptance/aggreement of/on the concept of change, action for change and the need for change at all cost.
As we move into 2009, we must remember that the clock will never stop ticking and that every passing second could be lost time for our generation and generations yet unborn. We have a choice to either continue to complain and give up on Nigeria or join forces to think, write, speak and act for positive change in Nigeria.
Changing Nigeria for good will require everyone and every positive idea and action harnessed in a systematic way for the same purpose.
We need to change as individuals on how we view Nigeria and Nigerians.
We need to love Nigeria as a religion and take her above any personal or sectional agenda.
Our membership strength is on a steady increase by the minute and i continue to salute our collective resolve to bring positive change to Nigeria for Nigerians.
Our inaugural summit will be announced soon.
Just as we cannot give up on our religion, we must continue to believe that positive change in Nigeria is possible and we all have a stake in making it happen if not for us then for our children and those yet unborn.
I remain yours in the cause,
Attah J.

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