GM makes top quality cars and here is the proof

Who makes the best cars? 1. Which country can boast that their brands occupy 2 of the top 3 spots for long-term reliability? Answer: United States. Per J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study, Mercury and Cadillac are in the top 3, along with Lexus. And in…Read More

The big 3: Not Dead Yet

NEW YORK ( -- There wasn't much holiday good cheer on Wall Street Friday morning after the collapse of the Big Three bailout in the Senate late Thursday night. But investors started to feel merrier later in the day as hopes grew for a loan from…Read More

Consumers will suffer if GM goes under.

NEW YORK ( -- A bankruptcy of General Motors or another major automaker could hit American consumers hard, industry experts warn. GM (GM, Fortune 500) said on Nov. 7 that it will run out of the cash it needs to operate late this year or early…Read More

Automakers Head to Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones) -- Facing a severe economic climate, the chief executives of the Big 3 automakers and the president of the UAW head to Capitol Hill Tuesday afternoon to plead their case for government assistance as prospects for quick aid appear dim in…Read More

Detroit Bailout: 7 Key Questions

NEW YORK ( -- Congress is set to begin a heated debate on whether Detroit's Big Three automakers -- General Motors, Ford Motor and Chrysler LLC -- will be next in line for a federal bailout. Democratic leaders in Congress are in favor of some…Read More

Write or call your senator today

Auto bailout: Showdown

NEW YORK ( -- For more than a century, the U.S. auto industry has been at the center of the American industrial economy. Events over the next month could determine if that remains the case. This week, Congress will consider whether to cough up…Read More
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