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Help Us Reach 250,000 Actions for Animals in December!

Dear Friend,

While you're busy making your holiday plans, cooking a delicious vegan feast and spending time with your friends and family, we'd like to ask you one small favor—help us reach our goal of 250,000 actions taken for animals this December ( by speaking out online to help animals who are suffering on factory farms, languishing in cages, and being forced to perform on cue.


That's right, this month is PETA's December Action Drive and we're aiming to end the year with a big outpouring of support for animals! Every day, we'll feature a set of different ways you can speak out for animals—everything from contacting your representatives to pledging to be cruelty-free yourself. Please take a minute to sign our petitions (, share them ( with your friends and family and come back again the next day for our next set of actions.

Remember, it only takes a minute every day to make a difference for animals, so help us make this December count and help animals today (!


Andrew Kirschner

Action Team Manager


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