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Help secure critically needed funds for Tibetans

Your voice is needed to ensure this critical funding remains in tact. Members of Congress need to know their constituents care deeply about renewing the U.S. Government's long-standing support for Tibet.

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The Tibet issue has a long enjoyed broad bipartisan support. Congress has helped Tibetans preserve and promote their culture, identity, and dignity. While these programs are successfully implemented by the State Department and other agencies, it is vital that Congress act to fund them through the annual appropriations process. They provide:

- Humanitarian aid for Tibetan refugees ($2.5 million);
- Sustainable development inside Tibet ($7.4 million);
- Tibetan broadcasts through Radio Free Asia/Voice of America (full funding);
- Tibetan scholarship program ($750,000);
- Tibetan cultural and academic exchanges ($650,000);
- National Endowment for Democracy grants ($250,000); and
- Office of the Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues ($1 million).

Thank you for taking action for Tibet and the Tibetan people!

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