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Dear Friend of Tibet,

As I write this, ICT staff is preparing for the arrival of His Holiness the Dalai Lama who is coming to Washington, DC next month to lead the Kalachakra for World Peace, made doubly auspicious by its start on his 76th birthday.

To honor the Dalai Lama's inspiring commitment to the promotion of human values, respect for all faith traditions, and a peaceful solution for Tibet, ICT is planning a celebration of his life and leadership during his visit.

I hope you will take part in this celebration by sending a personal message of commitment to His Holiness affirming your continued determination in our united mission and your intention to work in support of peace.

Send your message now at

Although it has been more than fifty years since the Dalai Lama has been allowed into Tibet he has never waivered from his commitment to a peaceful path. He has said,

"Because violence can only breed more violence and suffering, our struggle must remain nonviolent and free of hatred. We are trying to end the suffering of our people, not to inflict suffering upon others."

Our world has much to learn from the Dalai Lama. With your support, we will amplify his voice and sharpen the focus his presence brings to his peaceful mission in Washington during the 11-day Kalachakra for World Peace.

Thank you for everything you do for Tibet!

Mary Beth Markey

P.S. Don't forget to send your personal message of commitment to His Holiness to let him know you value and support his leadership for peace. You can send your message now at


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