Art for Change encourages the advancement of progressive social change by using art as a catalyst for disseminating information to its community.

Art for Change (AfC) provides a forum for creating
innovative art and media programs that inspire people to take an active role in social justice. We provide space to discuss and explore that information, stimulating individual and collective reflection, which leads to action and change.

By providing equal access to information and involvement, we encourage active participation while building community. By focusing on artistic expression, we play a key role in maintaining cultural traditions, respect and appreciation for the diversity of cultures in New York City. We are an asset to our community; providing space for other organizations, artists and activists to congregate, rehearse, network and interact within the community of New York City.

1. Collaborate with the community-at-large to promote social change at local and global levels

2. Provide safe and open forums for positive dialogue

3. Promote social and economic justice