Mission: To support children with complex health care needs, together with their families, by creating a community of support helping them to embrace each day and live life to its fullest.

There are many families in the greater Philadelphia area, and across the country caring for a child with complex health care needs. Caring for someone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, over many years can put an immeasurable strain upon a family. While many willingly invest love, energy and care, life often becomes governed by the relentless timetable of medical needs. Relationships can suffer, careers may have to be abandoned, healthy brothers and sisters can feel left out and regular family activities and holidays happen rarely, if ever.

The medical systems remain complex and hard to understand. There are few if any good services that help already overburdened families navigate the web of medical care, which further stresses the family and places more barriers between the child and a typical life.

Some families who have cared for their child for many years are now experiencing serious grief as they face the loss of that child. Their needs are tremendous, and many families feel afraid and alone in their grief.

Children and their families can stay at Connor's House for short periods of time for rest and recuperation, or treatment of distressing symptoms including end of life care and support when necessary. While at Connor’s House families will have the opportunity to meet with a care coordinator who will help them manage the medical system. They will also be able to join the Connor’s House community and participate in fun events on a recurring basis where children can play with other children and families can build and rekindle supportive relationships with other families dealing with similar experiences.

1. Children and their families deserve a place to stay for short periods of rest and recuperation, or treatment of distressing symptoms.

2. Families facing the challenges of raising a child with complex heath care needs deserve respite, care & support.

3. Please make your tax-deductible donation at www.connorshouse.org

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