beautiful baby Paul bruises apparant u bastards

Baby P died in the most horrendous circumstances and was visited 60 times by social services who failed to put him in care resulting in his agonising prolonged death THIS IS A COMPLETE DISGRACE! our social services need to make sure this never happens to another child EVER this makes for difficult reading i still feel sick but the signs social services missed
1 the child bows his head to stop a beating
2 the house stinks of urine dogs roaming
3 the mother a drunk who watches porn all day
4 baby covered in shit and chocolate to cover bruises
5 back broken
6 beat to a pulp
7 found in blood soaked cot
17 months old 17 months of torture and hell been scared ever day of its life beaten by its own parents and they are allowed to be not named!

1. children should not be harmed

2. social services need to take more notice

3. this can not be allowed to happen yet again to another innocent child