Hope 2 Liberia

Checkout our new website. www.hope2liberia.org Also if you have not already done so please join us on facebook. If you want to join the hope2liberia cause just let me know and I can get you info. my email is [email protected]

Liberia Trip Huge Success

Wow what an amazing Trip and more importantly what an amazing God. On February 14th 26 people headed out on a mission of love. Here is what happended as they entered into Liberia. We held a medical clinic that saw over 600 hundred people. Sadly we probably…Read More

Cornhole Tournament for Liberia

Hey if you are close to Muncie Indiana this Saturday and want to participate in a Cornhole tournament that will benefit Liberia we would love to have you. We are hosting a tournament that will help the country of Liberia. It is a indoor tournament and we will…Read More

You can now donate on facebook

Just want to let everyone know that the Amazing 80 can now take donations online through facebook. If you or someone you know wants to help in anyway restore lives in Liberia Africa feel free to use this opportunity. !00% of monies will be used towards the…Read More

Prayer, Praises and boy God is good

Wow, it is exciting to see that more people are joining the cause of God's hand in Liberia Africa. Let me just share with you some cool praises and prayer request. First praises: 1 A shipping container loaded with Clothing, food, tools, water treatment…Read More

Welcome to Amazing 80 & thank you

Let me just share with you a little about the cause:Amazing 80. The Amazing 80 was born out of a desire to help believers in Liberia Africa. Liberia has recently come out of a civil war which devastated the country. Our church has sent small teaching teams…Read More
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