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[email protected] Dynamic Coalition - 14 November

Date: 14 November 2007 - Wednesday
Time: 16:30 - 18:00
Windsor Barra Hotel Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Room: Versailles II

The [email protected] Dynamic Coalition session at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) will include a series of presentations on the impact on access to knowledge and freedom of expression from unbalanced intellectual property rights in a digital environment.

Meeting Agenda and Speaker List:

Session Chair: Robin Gross, IP Justice Executive Director


Brad Biddle, Intel Corp., Senior Attorney
Presentation: Impact of secondary liability rules on innovation and competition in digital environment and the economic value of robust limitations and exceptions to intellectual property rights

Eddan Katz, Yale Information Society Project (ISP) Executive Director, and Ronaldo Lemos, Fundação Getúlio Vargas School of Law - Center for Technology and Society (FGV-CTS) Director
Presentation: Country Specific Case Studies on Access to Knowledge

Mary Wong, Law Professor at Franklin Pierce University, Professor of Law
Presentation: Analysis of anti-circumvention measures in bilateral trade agreements and recommendations for policymakers negotiating IPR rules in “Free Trade” Agreements

Pedro de Paranaguá Moniz, Fundação Getúlio Vargas School of Law Professor of Law
Presentation: Impact of technological restrictions to enforce copyright and “Digital Rights Management” systems on access to knowledge

Susan Struble, Sun Microsystems, IT Standardization and Government Strategy
Presentation: Role of technical standards in providing access to knowledge

Natasha Primo, Association for Progressive Communications (APC)
Presentation: Global civil society efforts to promote ITC for providing access to knowledge.

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