DCCT (Dreams can come true) is a grass roots organization that seeks out dreams from around the world and makes them come true.

DCCT is committed to providing inspiration, motivation and education to people of all ages from all around the world, we do this by encouraging and seeking out dreams and providing the basic skills, contacts and community support necessary to make them a reality.

*DCCT does this without regard to religion, race, or economic status.

1. DCCT Holds "Dream academies" worldwide for orphaned children, asking thier dreams and providing education, tools and motivation to bring them to life.

2. DCCT offers FREE volenteer opportunities so you can help educate, teach and inspire others as well as learn and be part of a totally new culture.

3. DCCT accepts the dreams of ANYONE regardless of age, nationality, race or religion. submit your dream today at www.dcct.org

4. DCCT aims to empower youth and encourages self sustainability as well as promoting and encouraging culture.

5. DCCT is totally volenteer based and run, this means that 100% of all profits always go directly to the causes.