Back to Bob McDonnell for Virginia Governor '09!

Now We Begin In Earnest! 147 Days and Counting...

With R. Creigh Deeds' landslide victory this evening, the bruising Democratic primary has come to an end, and now we enter into the true contest, the Virginia general election. This rematch between Deeds and Bob McDonnell should be just as intense as their first encounter, in which McDonnell emerged as Attorney General by the tiniest of margins (0.01%). No doubt we shall see a similarly heated race for the Governor's seat, but with your assistance, we can make sure that Bob McDonnell emerges with an incontestable and resounding win. Virginians go to the polls on November 3rd. We have 147 days to win this election and get the momentum going once again for the Republican Party.

Our goal is in sight. Now let's get to it.

Zachary Vogt

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