Legislation for the Newspaper Industry?

Today, Jim Romenesko of Poynter Online ( http://twitter.com/romenesko) tweeted that "President Obama says he'd be 'happy to look at' legislation that would help the newspaper industry." The full column post (with a link to the full article about the…Read More

January Don't Let Newspapers Die Newsletter

Today I did a short phone interview with journalism students from East Tennessee State University. They wanted to know why I started this Facebook Cause and if I was surprised by the number of members we had. When I posted my first group announcement back in…Read More

Why I started "Don't Let Newspapers Die"

Hi, Members. My name is Karyn, and I started this group. I wanted to take a minute to tell you why... Earlier this month, my husband and several others were laid off from their paper. As you can imagine, the bad economy and the crisis facing all papers in…Read More
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