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Why I started "Don't Let Newspapers Die"

Hi, Members. My name is Karyn, and I started this group. I wanted to take a minute to tell you why...

Earlier this month, my husband and several others were laid off from their paper. As you can imagine, the bad economy and the crisis facing all papers in the newspaper industry was to blame.

I started this group as a way to reach out to our other journalist friends on Facebook -- my little way of saying that I care. That I know how tough it is for those of us facing uncertain futures and job hunts, and those of us who are still working in understaffed newsrooms, going through paper redesigns and budget cuts and the loss of their colleagues.

As I sit here writing this, 12,526 people have joined the cause. I'm completely grateful and blown away at how many people have joined.

I hope this FB forum can be a place where we can brainstorm new ways to help raise awareness and excitement for the industry again. I know that doesn't just mean the old school version -- we can never go back to the newspaper's heyday. We need to bring newspapers into the 21st century & connect to a younger demographic as well as retaining the readers we have.

I also hope this Cause can be a place where people can come together for support, networking and hopefully some fun.

Please feel free to make use of the discussion forums here, share links, and be honest with one another. Even if that means highlighting the bad things about the industry.

Lastly, some people have voiced interest in donations. Currently this group is not about fund-raising, but if people have ideas or opinions about donations, please leave your comments in the discussion Donations Brainstorming thread.

Above all, I want this Cause to be a place for support, and that in some way it can make a difference.


Karyn Lewis Bonfiglio

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