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Legislation for the Newspaper Industry?

Today, Jim Romenesko of Poynter Online ( tweeted that "President Obama says he'd be 'happy to look at' legislation that would help the newspaper industry."

The full column post (with a link to the full article about the President's recent remarks) is here:

I wanted to point this out to our members, because I think the President has perfectly summed up one of the main problems facing Newspapers, and I notice that although we've reached the staggering total of 93,970 members in Don't Let Newspapers Die, I don't see much activity in the group's forum or page.

I just wanted to remind everyone that this group is the perfect platform to connect with other members, exchange ideas about the way Newspapers fit into the changing media landscape, and to use for peer to peer support.

Please feel free to use the Cause's forums to start dialogues with one another. And feel free to post industry related news to the Cause's page.

What do you think of bills that would support newspapers? Would it help? Hurt? Are you in favor?


Karyn Bonfiglio
Don't Let Newspapers Die

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