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To the haters.....

Several people have posted comments on the wall questioning the legality of this cause. It is obvious that there is some kind of media blackout which is covering up the names of these monsters.

Just because some pen pushing bureaucrat tells us we should do something, does not make that right, nor does it mean that we should not try and change that rule.

I cannot and will not agree with anyone that says that a jury will be swayed just because they know the name of an individual. The moment that they walk into the courtroom they will have to know all of the facts in order to delibertate and pass judgement. I do not posess a Law degree, so my opinion is based upon how I feel, not on how I have been told to feel.

As I write this I am in Bali, Indonesia and even without a law degree I am almost certain that the media blackout imposed by the British Government does not apply to me. If I am wrong then so be it.

Ultimately this cause may be deemed illegal and closed down, but until we are, lets keep up this Noble fight.

RIP Peter

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