Today the court order that was used to protect these evil monsters expired! They have now been publicly named and shamed. Unfortunately, as a lot of you already know, they do not have long jail sentences and will be free to make a new start in only a few…Read More

At Last!

These evil monsters have now been publicly been named & shamed for the first time today. Their fight to avoid being named and shamed has finally come to an end. Unfortunaltely, as I'm sure you all already know, they will not spend a long time behind…Read More

Baby Peter Balloon Release

Dear members, I'm sure many of you like me feel powerless to actively do something in rememberance of baby Peter. I have been advised of a group that is promoting the releasing of blue balloons on December 6 at 3pm. I urge all members wherever you are the…Read More

To the haters.....

Several people have posted comments on the wall questioning the legality of this cause. It is obvious that there is some kind of media blackout which is covering up the names of these monsters. Just because some pen pushing bureaucrat tells us we should do…Read More

Purpose of Cause

When I started this cause, it was with the full intention of putting names to these vile creatures in order to make their pitiful lives a little more uncomfortable. I did not for one minute anticipate the amount of support that there has been for this…Read More

Making donations.

Dear members, Please be aware that there will be some sick individuals who will look to profit from this tragedy. I would be very careful about donating money to any charity that you are not already famililar with. Kind regards and thank you all for your…Read More

Confirmed names.

Dear Supporters, It has been brought to my attention that in August of 2007, when this tragedy first came to light, the BBC reported the incident and included the names of the accused. This was before the full details were available to the media. There…Read More
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