Pro recovery

I wanted to remind everyone that this cause has always and will always be a PRO RECOVERY cause and not at all a place for you to find support if you are wanting to stay in your disorders. I created this cause because there are plenty of sites that are pro ana…Read More

Supportive Chat Group

First and foremost, thanks to Michelle for making me an administrator. This cause is very important to me and I would like to asist in anyway possible to promote recovery. The cause is looking to implement a supportive chat group that all members can utilize…Read More


I am happy to welcome another administrator to the cause. Meghanne Broom has been added as an administrator and i am excited to see what new ideas she can bring for us!


I am so happy to be seeing growth within this cause! sorry not much has been added recently i have been very busy with work. however i wanted to take the time to thank all of you for joining. also there has been some interest expressed in learning more about…Read More

new beneficiary

this cause now has a new beneficiary, one that i am very passionate about and that i support, and it is also one that is aimed at eating disorders specifically.


thanks to everyone for their involvement we are slowly becoming a known cause! i would love for people to send suggestions on what they would like to see for this cause, discussions you would like to have, support needed, any ideas you have i would love to…Read More


I want to thank everyone that has joined. it is great to see progress! This is a pro recovery cause and I am open to any ideas that would help expand the cause and raise awareness, and I also want this to be a place where people can find support. It is also…Read More
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