Realizing the UN's Millennium Development Goals, including eradicating extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS. We are currently working in South Africa, Swaziland and Haiti. Please visit our website!

We are an international multi-faith based humanitarian organization that works with in-country partners to eradicate extreme poverty and the preventable diseases associated with poverty, such as HIV/AIDS. Our in-country programs are run by people native to the countries in which we work, and co-partners with other like-minded organizations, faith-based groups, governments, and individuals like YOU. Together, we work toward realizing the UN's Millennium Development Goals, including eradicating HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty around the world.

To create long-term, sustainable change, Be The Change International's holistic approach requires the main social components needed for a healthy society to grow and thrive be addressed and strengthened simultaneously through a comprehensive, cohesive, multi-partner program. The globally accepted social components are: Education, safe shelter, clean water resources, safety, health education and care, job and life skills training and employment opportunities, gender equality, respect for family and cultural foundations.

Please learn more & help us help those devastated by extreme poverty and disease by visiting our website:

1. We work the "grassroots" concept: We support in-country NGOs working to create self-sustainability for people living in extreme poverty.

2. We use a holistic approach to social change - programs simultaneously address education,shelter,access to safe water,job training,gender equality, etc

3. Our goal: Eradicate extreme poverty and the preventable diseases associated with extreme poverty

4. HELP - tell your friends to visit www.bethechangeinternational.org to order t-shirts & handcrafted African bracelets to support BTCI