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New Year Announcements!

Happy New Year to everyone! We hope you had a safe and fun New Year's Eve, and that you are back into the swing of things in 2009.

Though in 2008 the LGBT community faced marked hardships, last year also saw the renewal of the spirit of gay activism. Members of the community banded together in an effort to preserve equality and human rights. This groundswell should continue to grow in 2009. We are excited to be a part of this new passion, and we are working hard to get Engage to End Discrimination's Marriage Equality Project off the ground.

On December 15th, Engage to End Discrimination was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in the State of California! We've gone from vision to reality in only a short time, and we expect big things in 2009. Accordingly, we are in the process of gathering the community and human resources necessary to get this project launched. If you think you can help Engage in developing the marriage equality specific communication trainings or by providing your services (printing, accounting, graphic design, PR, etc.), please email [email protected] with some information on how you can help!

Also, please share your stories of discrimination! We are looking to collect these stories as examples to be used when engaging on discrimination. These will be incorporated into the online trainings to posted on the the (yet-to-be-launched) Engage website, While we know these stories may be difficult to relive, they are a vital part of shaping our organization. For example, have you ever tried to engage someone about marriage equality and discrimination? We're not only looking for stories where you "got through," but also looking for stories where the engagement ended in mutual disagreement or even frustration. Or have you (or anyone you know) been adversely affected by marriage inequality in America? There are many structural disadvantages unmarried same-sex couples face. These disadvantages often pop up in property transactions, custody issues, insurance coverage, medical visitation rights, and in many other facets of life. We really want to hear your stories! If you wish to submit your story, please email it to: [email protected]

Stay tuned for regular updates on our progress as well as the announcement of the launch of our website.

Yours in equality,

Engage to End Discrimination

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