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Share your stories of discrimination!

I'm looking to collect your stories of discrimination. I want to use these stories as examples to be used when engaging on discrimination, as well as to be posted on the the yet-to-be-created Engage website (

Have you ever tried to engage someone about marriage equality and discrimination? I'm not only looking for stories where you "got through." I'm also looking for stories where the engagement ended in mutual disagreement or even frustration.

Have you (or anyone you know) been adversely affected by marriage inequality in America? There are many structural disadvantages if you cannot enter into a marriage with your spouse: in property transactions, custody issues, insurance coverage, medical visitation and in many other facets of life. I want to hear your stories!

If you will share, please email [email protected].

Thank you for your support,

Michael Friedman
Founder, Engage to End Discrimination

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