Help Subaru choose a charity

  Dear Red Cross cause members, We're in a contest to win a grant from Subaru! Below are details from Subaru, vote by clicking on the link below: ---- Vote for the charity you want added to the Subaru "Share the Love" event Subaru knows their owners…Read More

Support the Red Cross - $1 for every friend who joins

       The American Red Cross just launched a Facebook Causes fundraiser with a $10,000 matching grant from the television drama Hawthorne. Hawthorne will donate $1 for every person who joins the official American Red Cross cause, and also match every…Read More

Eggs for Africa

Honorable Members: This cause is still active. We just need more members to get moving and make progress. Every minute we waste is another minute of people suffering from hunger. You can help by inviting all of your friends. We would all really appreciate…Read More
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