promote and spread all types of culture, including the arts and languages of the world.

Society cannot function if everyone in it is narrow-minded. Unfortunately, many in Amercia face this problem. We need to spread the word! Ideally, we should travel to other countries. Experience cultures and opinions of the world firsthand, be it arts, languages, or what have you.

However, travel can be expensive. The next best thing is to read a book, go to a museum, or otherwise experience travel vicariously (through a friend's stories, perhaps). You can also experience local culture. Go to the theater once in a while!

Hopefully, if everyone understands everyone else's viewpoint, the world will be a much better (and definately more peaceful) place!

1. As human beings, we all have the responsibility to understand other beliefs and ways of living.

2. As cultured human beings, we have the responsibility to bring culture to those less fortunate than us.

3. You don't have to love and accept everyone's viewpoint, but you should definately understand it before you attack it!