It is the mission of the New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault to end all forms of sexual violence and exploitation by advocating for all people affected by sexual assault.

NYSCASA's Goals Include:
-To respond to issues of sexual assault in a strong, collective voice.
-To promote change in public policy and legislation to benefit survivors of sexual assault.
-To increase statewide sexual assault prevention programming.
-To promote the sustenance and development of Rape Crisis Centers across New York State, and beyond.
-To advocate for the needs of sexual assault survivors regardless of age, sex, economic status, sexual orientation, ability/disability, race, religion, or cultural background.
-To develop a networking alliance among all organizations concerned about sexual assault.

1. Sexual violence affects all of us- every community and every family.

2. Sexual assault does not discriminate. It knows no racial barriers, no economic barriers, no social barriers, no age barriers...