Bill 29/168

I am writing to update you on recent developments concerning workplace harassment and violence legislation. On Monday, April 20, the McGuinty government introduced Bill 168, I believe, largely as a result of the public pressure that was brought to bear by…Read More

sorry for the delay

Hi , I am so sorry it took me so long to get back to my cause on this box ive been ill but im back and will update everything this week I was not allowed to tell all of whats going on as per the CAW but i will let you know what I can about my ongoing…Read More

we knew

We can all take comfort in the fact that Andrea is where she belongs as ONDP now the real fights come get ready cause here she comes

Election time

Andrea Horwath is running for the ONDP Leadership, you have to be a registered to vote. If you are vote we need to have new ideas not to mention the ability to fix the mess that has been lying around all of us day after day. My personal favorite is changing…Read More

Bill 29 growing stonger

Welcome to all, new and old who have joined our cause , I hope you all have joined the Bill 29 group too. I have been writing about what has happened to me and how bill 29 has given me a hope under Bill 29 Group Ive done 4 columns on the discussion board…Read More

The Debate is back on

Andrea Horwath will be in Windsor with her three running mates for a debate of the issues, this will be a great way to show your support for our cause I had sent out a email to all members with the wrong date The right date is FEBUARY 9, 2009. at 7:00pm this…Read More

Bill 29/My story

I first want to apologize for the confusion of the two pages We have a Group & Cause page please feel free to join both, they are both needed.the more people who believe in our cause the more powerful we become and closer we are to BILL 29 becoming LAW…Read More
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