We are not growing in Christianty we need to think about that

~Some statisctics here are that 97% of christians never bring someone to Christ. Places in Africa, and China where they are not allowed to worship they are underground having to know the bible by heart cause they aren't allowed to have bibles. Why is this?? It isn't because we dont have enough of this, or that. Think about someone you love who isn't christian and think if they die where are they going? We should do everything it takes to convert as many people. If you wanna know more e-mail me on facebook and i'm going to ry to have a site up. Thank y'all~ AND WE ARE NEAR THE END I DONT WANT TO SCARE ANYBODY JUST I MEAN READ MATT. 24 AND THERE IS SOO MANY LOST PPL THIS SHOULD MEAN AS MUCH AS ME AS TO THE PERSON THAT IS GOING TO GO TO HELL IF THEY DONT GET SAVED!!

1. The bible says be a light

2. We dont want anyone to go to Hell

3. Read the extended info...

4. Lire le info extend.....