Fundraising Goal!

Hi everyone - I'm so proud that our cause has OVER 100 members. This really is something that I believe in and am passionate about. I've set a fundraising goal for the group to raise $500 in the next month. That's just $5.00 per person! I've kicked us off…Read More

President Obama Signs H.R. 1105

There's potentially very good news on the prevention front. President Obama just signed budget bill H.R. 1105, which included a provision that could once again reduce the price of birth control on our college campuses. A consequence of the Deficit Reduction…Read More

Fifty Members!

Wow you guys! We have 50 members, all while I've been sitting here doing nothing! I promise to be an active administrator going forward. I can update everyone with news, current events, studies, etc. Are there things other people would like to see? As soon…Read More
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