Back to lobby president obama to keep partial birth abortion illegal.

letters ready

these are letters that you can feel free to use. please don't feel bound by the letters or content. i would suggest that you stick with only this issue in the letter (and if you write your elected officials on behalf of other issues- good for you! please continue). this is simply an attempt to stay focused and to be effective.

one idea is to goto this website:

between now and january 20th and put in some or all of the text suggested for your demographic.

i know some of you are ohioians and others are not. i know some of you are christians and others are not...

my point in outlining these specific populations is to get president obama's attention that we are a 'target audience' that he marketed himself to

these links should take you to a google doc webpage that you can cut and paste the text you like into your own word doc. here are the links:

"i voted for you":


generic letter:

if any of you have suggestions for these letters- feel free to shoot me an email.

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