to keep partial birth abortion illegal: LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGN

we are a group of people who want partial birth abortion to remain outlawed.

OUR PRIMARY TOOL (as pertains to this group) TO EXPRESS OUR VIEWS IS TO WRITE LETTERS TO PRESIDENT OBAMA. it is the goal of this group to prompt members to write one letter per quarter.

some of us voted for president obama, others did not. some of us are women, others are men. regardless, the political climate is open to our input and influence.

we want to see the 'need' for abortions reduced and eliminated. the practice of partial birth abortion is particularly egregious and we will lobby president obama to allow the ruling to stand and encourage him to take other steps to address issues that relate to abortion reduction.

we don't agree on everything but we will interact with one another respectfully.

1. we agree partial birth abortion should remain illegal.

2. we agree that president obama needs to resist any lobby, entitiy or pressure to move in anyway to overturn this ruling.

3. we agree that we can make a difference. we participate civically but also help women in crisis pregnancy as we come in contact.

4. we agree that we can address this need while maintianing our differences in other areas. unity in essentials; charity in all.