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hi there! just a friendly update that i will try to moderate topics posted on the board to keep them focused on PBA. i will delete comments that are not relevant to the topic. i don't want the wall to be used to lobby for other (albeit often very good)…Read More

second quarter letter writing- w/ working links

second quarter letter writing i hope this message meets you well! just to remind you of the focus of this cause is a consistent, focused letter writing campaign to president obama about partial birth abortion. members commit to write the president once per…Read More

first quarter letter writing

happy new year! i hope this message meets you well! please take time to write president obama prior to his inauguration to address our concern for the issue of partial birth abortion. goto and let your voice be heard! here are some letter…Read More

letters ready

these are letters that you can feel free to use. please don't feel bound by the letters or content. i would suggest that you stick with only this issue in the letter (and if you write your elected officials on behalf of other issues- good for you! please…Read More

comment criteria

if discussions arise- please be mindful of the following: please express yourself with civility, courtesy, and respect for everyone, especially toward those with whom I disagree—even if you feel disrespected by them. if disagreements arise it is the…Read More


there will be letters available to send to public officials through google docs. they will be posted within the coming week.
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