summer's here - pick your cool summer stock show and SEE IT!

Pay to see a show this summer - get in out of the heat....laugh, cry, enjoy.....

Great time to see shows!

Unless you're on the equator or here in Arizona, it's probably either too hot or too cold where you are right now in the world.... a GREAT time to see a show! What's your February choice? It doesn't matter as long as you see one and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL…Read More

teacher's discount to shows - what do you think?

I think that all theatres should start offering a 'teacher's discount' in addition to a a 'student discount'. Some of the teachers I know would love to see shows, but can't because of money and it's just about to get worse with state budget cuts. Who thinks…Read More

Your New Year's Resolution - See at least one show a month!

This is a resolution you can KEEP! While the economy is bad, pay to see at least one show per month in your area to keep theatre alive and to ensure an audience for those shows! WE CAN DO IT! We need to help each other. Here's another idea - TAKE A FRIEND.…Read More

Two more weeks to see holiday shows!

Get to your local theatre and help support them this holiday with the best gifts of all - a ticket purchase - an audience member. Start the new year right by selecting at least one show to see in January! Buy a ticket - save a theatre. Preserve the arts.…Read More

Holidays are coming! De-stress with a holiday show!

Support Your Local Theatre and show your spirit of the season by attending one or more of the many holiday shows on tap in your city! Plan something today, that way you won't get too busy with the hustle and bustle to see it! Thanks to everyone for…Read More


So we can all enjoy it, too! Keep those recruits coming...this is a great cause. AND we're filling seats for our actor/director/crew friends who have worked so hard on the shows.....
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