Break the Chain will soon have a new web design and on it there will be a donation option. So if you feel really passionate about the cause but don't feel like buying a t-shirt (which I think you should) then you can directly donate to the company. For every…Read More

Think about it

Violence does not mean physical only. You can experience violence of your being by mere words. Verbal abuse is a violence that is much harder to overcome and break free of. Scars of the soul do not heal as scars of the flesh. Really think about it, can we let…Read More

Verbal Abuse

My graphic design classes have teamed up with Break the Chain Apparel and we are designing a new t-shirt for verbal abuse. We will then sell the t-shirts and the proceeds will go towards the charity the students choose and vote on. We have all be affected by…Read More

Background of Break the Chain Apparel

To find the full story go to the website: and read the tab "about us". Here you will find how the clothing line got started and the different charities that are benefiting from this "Clothing with a Voice" company.
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