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Once again our prayers are being heard!

Dear Angels For Ricky,

Maybe some of you have not checked the message board and missed all the updates Michelle has posted about her amazing baby's remarkable progress! So here is what all your prayers are accomplishing. Michelle was able to hold Ricky last week, this was the first time she had held him since the accident so you can imagine what a great day that was for her! Remember doctor's said they didn't think Ricky would ever be able to eat on his own? Well, guess what they were wrong. Ricky is now eating on his own, "no feeding tube!" They are now very hopeful that Ricky will be leaving the hospital sooner than expected. Please, please continue to send your prayers not only for Ricky but his mother Michelle too. This continues to be a long hard road for her, so pray that she finds the strength she needs to be there for her baby. Thank you all again and please continue to recruit your friends to this cause we are making a difference.


Aimee Sciulli

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