Anyone in Thanet

Get down Bar26 as it needs a boost otherwise it will be another independant that might go down the pan. Great beer, staff ain't bad either and the DJ is bit of a nutjob but in a good way. And best thing is the beach is just across the road. Its on Marine…Read More

Members of shitfaced in kent.

Looking for a good new years eve without having to buy a ticket? Then look no further. I have hooked up with mangos in folkestone and have been informed that no tickets will be needed for their cyote ugly themed new years eve bash. All that is asked is you…Read More

Happy new year

I hope you all get totaly shitfaces and get your new years eve/day pics on here of you totaly shitfaced. I won't lie I completely forgot I set this up as been off the net for a while but I am back and as ever I am shitfaced lol. Hope everyone had a fab…Read More

Flag and Whistle

It is with great disapointment that a drinking hole in margate closed its doors for the final time on Saturday 16th September. However one of of our members, Mickey Fullbrook, did us proud by downing over half a 1 litre bottle of Bailieys. He won £20 out of…Read More

Nasty shots

Try this out and see if you can handle it. Get one half pint glass. Add 25ml red aftershock, 50ml absinth, 25ml tequila, 25ml perno, 50ml bailieys. You will either be very drunk, or very sick. But either way your gona be shitfaced lol.


Welcome to the shitfaced foundation. I am please to see new members are joining and will be asking all memebers to post a brainstorm for ways of getting free drinks legally in pubs. If you ever watch the real hustle there are some great ideas on there for…Read More
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