Cause Update

I just wanted to let everyone know that I changed the name of the cause because since my Dad is gone he no longer needs prayers because he is in the best place possible..Heaven. If anyone wants to leave the cause thats fine. If you want to continue…Read More

My Daddy!

I figured I would let everyone know that my dad has lost the fight against cancer but he is no longer suffering and he is with my grandma and grandpa in Heaven. I miss him so much and love him dearly. Life will never be the same without him. Thanks for all…Read More

My Dad's Status

My Dad had been on chemo but it seems that the chemo is actually speeding up the cancer so we have stopped the chemo treatments. My dad is now at home, and not doing good at all. He doesn't have much longer unless God performs a miracle. Thanks to everyone…Read More

Thank you!!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has joined the cause to pray for my dad!! Please continue to pray and recruit! I really appreciate it! Feel free to message me or write on the cause wall about anything..whether it be just to say hey or talk about your…Read More
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