Thank you all

Dear friends and family, I never got a chance to thank you all for all your help during my son's time of need. A lot of you asked questions on how we needed help, a lot of you offered guidance, donated everything from money, toys, clothes, blankets, etc., a…Read More

I will always love my shining light

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for my baby, Tristen Jacob. He passed away this past Monday night, March 22, 2010 at around 8p.m. For anyone that wants to send anything for us, please help us with a donation. The cost of his funeral is too…Read More

update on tristen jacob

dear friends and family, last week we had gotten an amazing contribution. with the help of my parents and a car dealership down here in orlando, we finally got a mini-van so i can safely transport tristen jacob to his doctors appoinments. the daivid maus…Read More

A Caring Heart!!!!

Dear family and friends, On December 22 of this year, Tristen Jacob will be taking a picture with Santa. Since his accident, he has missed out on taking pictures with Santa and the Easter Bunny because its very difficult to transport him, his equipment and…Read More

Update on Tristen Jacob

Dear friends and family, Hey everyone, Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Tristen Jacob is doing pretty much the same since the last time I wrote in. We finally got our tax right off number. There is a law firm down here that is helping us out with a law suit for…Read More

Update on Tristen Jacob

Dear friends and family, Tristen Jacob is pretty much doing the same these days. Every now and then he will move his body upwards because he doesn't like the way the nurses position him, so he will move himself to show he doesn't like it. Also usually in the…Read More

Please read, this is important

Dear friends and family, First I want to thank everyone that has donated to my son whether it was prayers or money. Everything counts and matters. Since we came back from NY, for the car show, that helped raise $2000, for Tristen Jacob, I've noticed that…Read More
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