Saturday Nov 21st Kingsessing Library's 90th Anniversary

The Kingsessing Library will celebrate it's 90th Anniversary this Saturday from Noon to 3pm. There will be a performance written and directed by our Friends group and performed by kids from the after school program, about the history of the library and…Read More

Friends of Kingsessing Library Meeting, Mar 28, 1pm

We will have a Friends meeting on Sat, Mar 28th at 1pm. Please come join us, and tell anyone who might be interested in becoming a Friend of the Kingsessing Library.

Friends of Kingsessing Library Meeting, Feb 28, 1pm

Saturday, February 28th at 1pm at the library, in the meeting room downstairs. Please join us for the first meeting of the newly reformed Friends of the Kingsessing Library. Let your friends and neighbors know, all patrons of the library are encouraged to…Read More

I Love My Library Day, Feb 14th 1-3pm Kingsessing Library

I Love My Library Day Kingsessing Library February 14th, 1-3pm Join the Friends of the Kingsessing Library and the Coalition to Save the Libraries for a Valentine’s Day party. It will be a chance meet our neighbors, hear more about the Friends of the…Read More

Libraries Saved, for now...

Libraries remain open… until June City Hall announced that all the libraries will remain open through this fiscal year, which ends June 30th. This is great news, but the fight is still on to keep Kingsessing Library off the chopping block after…Read More

Tues- Jan 13th at 3:30pm - Come Out!

Join the People's Court Tuesday Jan 13th at 3:30 out side City Hall the at the NE corner. Show your support and help us deliver a contempt of court citation to Mayor Nutter. We demand the all branches of the Free Library remain fully funded and…Read More

Please come to these events!

Monday, Dec 28th 9:30 Come pack the courtroom to support a temporary injunction against closing the libraries! Meet at City Hall Room 426. Bring signs, banners, T-shirts! The injunction hearing will continue on Tuesday the 30th. Other Upcoming…Read More
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