support children and youth victims of sexual abuse in Macedonia

In the world: around one million children are victims of sexual abuse yearly. The statistics show that the female children are five times more frequently victims of sexual abuse in comparison with males, i.e. each third girl and each seventh boy are victims of pedophiles. In 89,75 % of the cases the abuse lasts several years, and in 10,25 % cases for several months.

Being stroked by the everyday news and events about sexual abuse to children and youth, CIRa and the First Children Embassy in the World – Megashi initiated the Campaign for fundraising by citizens and enterprises for establishment of a Fund to support children and youth victims of sexual abuse in Macedonia on September 26, 2008.

So far the fund has collected around 5000 EUR in donations. Starting from March 4th 2009 we announce the start of the providing support to the victims of sexual abuse for:
- psycho-social assistance to the victims (individual therapy)
- legal aid,
- assistance and support to victims for integration in the community,
- implementation of information and educational campaigns for prevention of further sexual abuse of children and youth, etc.

Please spread this information to your friends in order to cover any victim that needs support from the Fund.
We are still lacking finances and need your generous support to implement all activities that we planned. We do hope that you can also support the fund in order to provide more assistance to the sexually abused children and youth,
Please donate financial resources to the following bank account:

From Macedonia:

CIRa Skopje: 300000002760559
Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje

From other countries:

Bank: Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje
Account: 02701-00203143
Swift code: KOBS MK 2X

With the note: for the Fund for support of children and youth victims of sexual abuse

Information on raised funds to date, revised list of supporters as well as update on the ongoing and future activities will be announced twice a month on the web pages: www.cira.org.mk and www.childrensembassy.org.mk , through press releases and by e-mail.

Become an active supporter of the campaign and say STOP to the sexual abuse of children and youth.

We sincerely thank you on your care for children and young people – victims of sexual abuse in the R. of Macedonia.
Please donate in the Fund for their support!

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