$750 dollars to obtain GPS units for African game scouts protecting elephants in Kenya and Tanzania

Every day game scouts recruited from Maasai communities in the West Kilimanjaro region conduct patrols and apprehend poachers in areas where elephants and other wildlife are vulnerable.

These scouts are part of the Hidafhi Network, a dedicated corps of conservationists trained as part of the African Wildlife Foundation’s (AWF) Kilimanjaro Elephant Research Project, headed by ecologist Alfred Kikoti.

We are asking for your help in equipping these game scouts. Your pledge will contribute to the purchase of 10 GPS units for the scouts to record and map patterns of poaching incidents and other threats such as snares. The mapping will help shape patrol routes and inform AWF and wildlife authorities in the development of conservation interventions to mitigate threats.

If your contributions reach $750, AWF will match that to purchase 10 GPS units that cost a total of $1500. Help us outfit these game scouts so that they can protect the majestic elephants of West Kilimanjaro.

1. Elephants should not be poached