Stop domestic violence through counseling

Men Stopping Violence is a social change organization dedicated to ending men's violence against women.

Men Stopping Violence works locally, nationally, and internationally to dismantle belief systems, social structures, and institutional practices that oppress women and children and dehumanize men themselves. We look to the violence against women's movement to keep the reality of the problem and the vision of the solution before us. We believe that all forms of oppression are interconnected. Social justice work in the areas of race, class, gender, age, and sexual orientation are all critical to ending violence against women.

Men are either sent to MSV through the court or they voluntarily attend sessions. They attend intensive counseling sessions which require speaking about what domestic violence is and why they use it against others.

This organization, at its core, it analyzing and counseling forms of bullying. Furthermore, understanding how an intimate relationship can become so distant and controlling.

1. End all forms of violence against women

2. Counsel violent men