The Beehive Design Collective's mission is to "cross-pollinate" the grassroots using collaboratively crafted visuals as anti-copyright, non-profit educational and organizing tools!

The Beehive Design Collective is an all-volunteer group that produces anti-copyright imagery in the form of giant political posters (and accompanying narratives) to dismantle monoculture through offering educational and organizing tools for everyone, not just the experts! We see the acceptance of our posters as proof that the movement needs, in fact perhaps relies on, creative and exciting ways of engaging with the overwhelming issues of our time.

Our group is 100% volunteer, and is funded through YOUR donations and speaking engagements. We'll add ourselves as a beneficiary to receive donations via Facebook as soon as we finish our 501c3 paperwork. Until then you can visit the following links to purchase our materials or donate and help us continue the work. Thank you!


1. Art is a powerful vector of change. People are more visual in their learning than some educational methods have convinced us.

2. Art (visuals, music, ...) should no longer be marginalized as entertainment or decoration for social movements (esp. in the U.S.)

3. New methods of talking about the scary and difficult issues of our time are MANDATORY to create the world we want in the shell of the old.

4. One doesn't have to be an "expert" to understand that complex scenarios impact you and your community's environment.

5. Art and storytelling offer ways to dismantle and debunk the oft privileged status of "expert" and "authority"