Do you believe each human life is precious, valuable and meant to be protected? - no matter where you were born?

Well this may be the place for you.

If you think together we can create a future, where we look back on killing each other as a barbaric time in human history - welcome home.

P5Y (now called The Safe Conflict Project) lives in the hearts and actions of over 100,000 people globally. (growing every day)

This is not only a 501c3 non-profit organization, but a movement of people who are dedicated to ending war forever.

P5Y (The Safe Conflict Project) volunteers, advocates, and staff organize private conferences with the world's leading peacemakers, business leaders, war survivors, young social-networking moguls, tech-brainiacs even the Military to arrive at new collaborative ideas of how to do this on the ground.

As an organization philanthropists have sponsored events to look at protecting all human life-all, to specific conflicts in the Middle East.

When we started there were 18 wars. Now there are 14. Will we make it? No one knows.

After three years we know of 100's of groups who have formed collaborations. We hear of even more groups under different names working in their local areas, under many different names, languages, and confidences.

We see World Peace (or valuing ALL human life) IS possible.

Peace (Safe Conflict) needs structure, goals, a DEADLINE.

War impedes effective action on every global issue.

World Peace begins w/ the success of human life safety from war.

You matter. Your actions matter to push out this urgent message. Start including everyone. Every person, politician, religion, corporation, and organization. Invite them to deligitimize war on the planet and protect every innocent person.

If you're inspired, contact us at SafeConflict.org