We seek to investigate and prosecute George W. Bush and his administration for war crimes.

Let's make sure that George W. Bush and his administration does not get off the hook for their war crimes. Many Democrats, maybe even Obama, will want to avoid holding the Bush administration accountable. They will want to forgive and forget so as not to politically divide our country. With the help of the mainstream media, they will want to only look forward and to forget the painful past. We need to band together right now to make sure that our leaders will never again imprison, torture, and kill innocent people with impunity. Amongst other crimes, the Bush administration instituted a policy of waterboarding prisoners, which is clearly torture and a war crime. We have laws that prohibit torture and war crimes, and we need to enforce them. Join Americans For Holding Bush Accountable and let the Democrats know that we demand that they investigate and prosecute the Bush administration for war crimes.

1. We believe George W. Bush and his administration should be investigated and prosecuted for war crimes.

2. We believe that waterboarding is torture and torture is illegal in the US.

3. We believe that high ranking officials in the Bush administration authorized the CIA to waterboard prisoners of war.