to end the slavery of children.

OVER 40 PERCENT of the world's cocoa, the primary ingredient in chocolate, comes from West African nation of the Ivory Coast.

YOUR CHOCOLATE may well have come from West African cocoa farms, where trafficked children are often used.

There is a vast difference between child labour and child slavery. Some of these children, as young as nine, are stolen from orphanages or their homes, or even sold by their parents, who believe they will be making money and returning home. While some child labourers are paid, there are many children who are virtually slaves, and are forced to work for no pay; they are often beaten for not meeting expectations or stopping for a rest (and who knows what else). Their sleeping quarters are locked at night, and children have been killed for trying to escape. They cannot walk away.

What's wrong with Nestle?

• Nestle USA is a part of Nestlé SA in Vevey, Switzerland -- the world's largest food company

• With total annual sales of over $65 billion, Nestlé SA is the third largest exporter of cocoa from regions affected by forced and abusive child labor.

• It would cost Nestlé approximately US $0.002 per candy bar to switch to fair trade cocoa.

• Nestlé committed to ending child labor on cocoa farms by July 2005 but the problem continues unabated.

• Nestlé is the United Kingdom's most boycotted company due to its human rights infractions.

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"Changing the status quo isn't easy – action is necessary. They will not be stopped by a day's worth of good intentions. They can be defeated, yes, but it will take constant and careful effort. That is the true price of ending poverty and slavery, and it must be a price we are willing to pay" (Kyle Scheihagen).

Visit: SlaverySucks.Org

1. Regardless of where they live, NO CHILD SHOULD EVER BE A SLAVE.

2. Human rights inherently supersede corporate profits.

3. Demanding Fair Trade chocolate from major chocolate companies like Nestle, Hershey, and Mars Inc. is essential. In the meantime, only eating Fair Trad

4. Ending the commercial exploitation of children must be one of humankind's top priorities. It is a cause that demands immediate attention and IMMEDIATE