A reforestation program in Sri Lanka, involving the planting of 40,000 trees, aimed to better the environment and to improve the lives of those still affected by the 2004 Tsunami.

On December 26th 2004 I was sleeping on the beach of Unawatuna, Sri Lanka when the Tsunami hit. I miraculously managed to survive the fury of the wave, after being trapped, submerged and almost drowned, but it was only thanks to the generosity and selflessness of the people of Sri Lanka that I, and all displaced tourists, managed to return home safely. Surviving this catastrophe of incalculable proportions, I feel like I have received an enormous gift but also a great responsibility. The trees represent a memorial in remembrance of the 40,000 lives lost in this tragedy and a tribute to those who so lovingly helped us.

1. The planting of the seedlings will create job positions and will generate sustainable income for local communities.

2. The trees will produce food, fuel-wood, shelter, forage, organic fertilizers, bio-diesel and other marketable by-products.

3. Trees systems restore soils and remove Carbon from the atmosphere, contributing to cooling the Earth.

4. After being planted, the trees will appear on Google Earth with precise coordinates and donors’ names.