To put an end to rape as a weapon of war in the DRC & bring back peace, security, justice, health (psychological and physical), and economic independance in the women's lives.

SAUTI (la VOIX (des femmes), en swahili) est une plateforme de défense des victimes de violences sexuelles utilisées comme stratégie de guerre en République Démocratique du Congo, et d'information sur les actions mises en place pour mettre fin à cette situation et aider les femmes de la RDC à reconstruire le tissu social congolais dans la paix, la justice, et la dignité. Cette plateforme est gérée par plusieurs associations humanitaires. Remarque: Les documents présentés ici sont en français et/ou anglais selon la disponibilité. Ils sont sélectionnés selon leur pertinence.

SAUTI (the VOICE (of women), in swahili) is a platform of of defense of the victims of sexual violence used as a weapon of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and of information about the actions organized in order to put an end to this situation and help women in the DRC, to rebuild the social fabric of Congo in an environment of peace, justice and dignity. This platform is run by many humanitarian associations. Note: The documents presented here are in English and/or French according to their availability. They are selected according to their relevance.


1. The war in Congo has led to the deaths of 5.4 million people, and 1.200 still die every day. Most of the victims are women and children.

2. Tens of thousands of women and girls have been raped. As the center of the Congolese social fabric, their tragedy affects the entire nation.

3. Without a positive change in terms of security and justice, the daily lives of these women cannot improve.

4. When the same actions (sexual terrorism)bring the same consequences (deaths, displacements...) during more than a decade, there is clearly a strategy

5. What is intolerable anywhere else in the world (crimes against humanity) should not be tolerated because it happens in the D.R.Congo