Back to Harry Arogundade must face justice for beating up a young lady for not getting out of his way

The spark that ignites and starts a forest fire...

Recently I read the story of Rosa Parks on Wikipedia.
African Americans had been suffering all forms of segregation until one day this 40 something year old woman on her way from work decided not to stand up from her seat for a white man. She was arrested and locked up for a while, but guess what? The black rights movements of yankee used her case to launch the popular Montgomery bus boycott which swung a young preacher called Martin Luther King Jr into the limelight (he was appointed to chair that cause)... Out of this case was the 'I have a dream' message created and this year, Americans finally have a black president.
It all started from a simple case of 'civil disobedience' by ONE woman who decided to challenge the norm created by a society that was rotting slowly.
What am I trying to say? For once someone stood up to the oppression of the uniformed baggers and it has launched a big outcry by people at last. Maybe it took Uzoma's case to finally raise the shout, maybe it might have taken another case, but today, we have our own symbol that, our own jumpstart to raise a shout against everything that is wrong with the society we have created. The 'I am big, you are not' syndrome.
Maybe previously Uzoma had also enjoyed some of these kind of military 'benefits'. Maybe not. I don't know. Maybe Layo is just driven by 'That's my dad y'all are insulting'. I don't know. But fact remains, Nigerians have been oppressed by diffrent factors before now which include the 'I am big, you are not' mentality, and Uzoma's case has helped to raise a shout at last. That shout is what matters. That noise, that anger, is what is most necesary. Uzoma's case has been used by providence to spark that initial flame and now it's got to be fanned.
@Layo--- I don't respect your views in anyway. Prolly because I can't even see them. Take a moment, Imagine that it was you beaten, stripped naked, cuffed and dragged into some unknown house (regardless of whatever 'they claim' you did). Have you imagined that? Now imagine the people who did it thought they were impressing *my dad*. And my dad had the opportunity to stop them, and he didn't. Now have you finished imagining that? Now make an honest and heartfelt statement. You'll very likely want my dad dead. We need your relative (dad?) used as an example to the general public to demonstrate that this type show of power is no more fashionable.
Please people, keep up the good work and spread the word. Slowly, we would change Nigeria and erode the ugly cultures they have created for us over time.

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