Harry Arogundade must face justice for beating up a young lady for not getting out of his way

Sometime in November 2008, a naval officer, Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade, Head, Logistics Command had his goons beatup a young lady Uzoma Okere going home from work after a hard day's work in VI for not getting her Mitsubishi colt out of the way fast enough while his siren was blowing on Muri Okunola VI. She was hospitalized at Kamorass Hospital in Victoria Island over this incident.
This cause is to make sure that the noise around the case does not die down till some form of justice or the other is served.
It could have been me, or you, or your wife, or sister, or girlfriend, or...

1. Govt officials and uniformed men should be made to know that they are just people too.

2. Govt officials and uniformed men should know that they are living off our taxes

3. Every time someone witnesses an harrassment or abuse of power, shout it out from the rooftops of the internet

4. Create a 'din' on the internet to make sure this case does not end 'hush hush'.