to educate the public about this silent life-threatening disease

Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis is a disease that is often misdiagnosed as asthma, reflux and bronchitis. It kills more children that HIV and heart related diseases. We need to get public awareness out about this silent killer. My child, Coty nearly died of this horrible disease. He under went 21 surgeries and through 7 different surgeons before we found Dr. Nigel Pashley in Denver, Co. After discovering Dr. Pashley. We spent a year and a half in Denver to have 7 more surgeries and proceedures done for Coty. We found out this was the only doctor in the US using alternative therapies to treat this disease. As a result of the alternative treatments, Coty is now in remission of 5 years. So I am still very passionate and dedicated to help other parents of ill children to find other resources. If we would have stopped at the last surgeon in Memphis and took his word that there was nothing else to do for Coty, then he would not be here with me today. Children are dying rapidly because of lack of understanding of this disease and lack of awareness that this disease even exists.
If you have any questions at all about this disease and would like me to send you pamphlets on therapies and doctors, please do not hesitate to call me. Lynnette Pate: 417-429-3559

1. We started the foundation a few years ago after a near death experience with our son, Coty. to raise public awareness about this disease

2. we need to get appropriate treatments for these children

3. often mis-diagnosed as reflux, asthma and bronchitis. Coty underwent 21 surgeries before we had proper diagnosis.

4. this disease kills more children than HIV, or heart related diseases. Thanks to Dr. Pashley, Coty is still alive!

5. there are a limited number of physicians to treat this diseaes in which the main one is in Denver, CO. Please read the extended information.