Worship via the internet

Want to see worship on your computer? Join us at 9:45PM CST for some live-streaming worship. Tell a friend!!!

Looking to you for prayer and help.

Dear Friends & Family, As some of you are already aware, I am preparing to return back to school complete a degree in Worship Arts / Theology. The particular seminary that I will be attending does not take Federal funds but is Accredited. It has been…Read More

New website

Just wanted to update you that the website/blog has now changed. Please update to http://www.jasonwhitehorn.info/blog Hope you are having a blessed day! Jason Whitehorn

Thank you!!!

A few days ago...I sent a message to a few of my friends. That message was simple..."Jesus Loves You"! Since that, they have told others, who told others, who told others...and somehow in that process...the message was passed along to you. As of the time of…Read More


"Jesus Loves You"...it is SUCH a simple message...but it has so much menaing. I createed this "Cause" because I wanted to give each of us an opportunity to reach out to everyone and spread this simple message. Personally, I am plediging to invite the maximum…Read More
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